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Paradise Landing Productions offers advertisement through in video ads and product placement positions on our shows, non-competitive infomercials and training videos.  Currently we are only accepting product placement for the show CoolToys.  If you are interested in product placement or sponsorship of our show please click the link below to download our information sheet.

Product submission information for review on our shows can be downloaded here.

In addition to product placement, Paradise Landing Productions is owned by BG.Marketing and can offer complete video services fro infomercial style customer training, internal training videos, broadcast ready commercials and voice over video work.  If you want the best in video to spread the word to customers or employees, we have a complete studio and editing team to get that done for you.

Recently we upgraded all of the cameras in studio to Broadcast grade video cameras.  This means that all of our videos now meet the color specifications and quality required for broadcast TV.  Have you ever watched those blurry videos with bad sound on cable.  We never did anything like that, but our competition sure did.  Don’t make your company or your product look bad.  Let us create videos that make you, your company and your product look the best it can.

It doesn’t matter if you have a product to sell on Amazon, Cable TV for direct sales or a service like Law Firms, emergency plumbers or dentists.  Don’t let your first impression on your potential customer be your last.

Even with our new camera gear, new studios and new editing bay, our rates for 2018 are the same as they have been since 2015.  We are investing to make your videos stand out from the crowd!

Thank you for considering Paradise Landing Productions for your video production needs!

TTD Product Placement Letter


If you are interested in sponsoring one of our shows, please email

CoolToys Sponsorship Information from BeachStreetNews on Vimeo.


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