ArtSurf Productions LLC

ArtSurf Productions is part of the Paradise Landing Productions Family and was established to tell the story of Art, Surfing, and the Beach Culture.

The documentary is written, hosted and directed by Best Selling AuthorĀ© and actor Scott Bourquin.

In the 1900’s surfing was an unknown hobby of Hawaiian nobles. Today it is a culture that spans the globe. Today we think of Duke Kahanamoku as a surfer. If you look back at the news of the day, Duke was a world class swimmer with five Olympic gold medals. No one knew what surfing was back then.

Today surfing has infected the conscious of the world. Man Made wave pools span the globe from California to Texas to Dubai to China. The surf culture has outlasted many other cultural movements, and not without dark moments.

Jon us in the creation of filming this story. A few producer spots are left if you want to join the team. If you just want to show a little ArtSurf love, grab a T-shirt. They will be available here very soon.

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ArtSurf Productions.

Writer/Director/Host – Scott Bourquin
First Assistant Director – Vito Trabuco
Director of Photography – Craig Railsback

ArtSurf Filming at Huntington Beach Art Center
Day One – Cameras Roll