ArtSurf Productions LLC

ArtSurf Productions LLC is the parent company of Paradise Landing Productions. ArtSurf and Paradise Landing were established to tell the story of Art, Surfing, and the Surf Culture. Since then it has grown to create other projects like COOLTOYS® as well.

ArtSurf Productions/Paradise Landing Productions Current Projects:

Visions – The Creation of The Surf Culture -The story will be told as a documentary starting with the first tribal artists that carved wood planks into surfboards and take us through the artists that created Van’s, Maui and Son’s and other famous brands that uniquely identify the Surf Culture beyond the people who actually surf.

The documentary is written, hosted and directed by Best Selling Author© and actor Scott Bourquin. Documentary producers and Directors Vito Trabuco and Craig Railsback are both part of the team as well.

In the 1900’s surfing was an unknown hobby of Hawaiian nobles. Today it is a culture that spans the globe. Today we think of Duke Kahanamoku as a surfer. If you look back at the news of the day, Duke was a world class swimmer with five Olympic gold medals. No one knew what surfing was back then.

Today surfing has infected the conscious of the world. Man made wave pools span the globe from California to Texas to Dubai to China. The surf culture has outlasted many other cultural movements, and not without dark moments.

Writer/Director/Host – Scott Bourquin
First Assistant Director – Vito Trabuco
Director of Photography – Craig Railsback
Camera Operatore – Derek Ellis

Join us in the creation of filming this story. A few producer spots are left if you want to join the team, sign up for the newsletter for more information and sneak peaks at the interviews. If you just want to show a little ArtSurf love, grab a T-shirt or some cool swag at our online shop.

(S)Crewed – When different worlds are forced to live as one by a set of rules that no one really likes people go crazy and you end up with Pilots and Flight attendants and everything you didn’t think you wanted to know. S(C)rewed is aa multicam workplace sitcom blending military and civilian life showing how our new world is being shaped.

COOLTOYS® – All the $hit your want and your wife won’t approve. Currently streaming on CoolToys.TV, the CoolToys Channel on Roku, two hosts that are 13 year old boys locked in somewhat older bodies seek out the coolest stuff that they really shouldn’t bring home to mama as they say. Instead they hide it in a warehouse. Covid changed that for Season 3 and they live-streamed from home with one of the wives directing. No hiding there.

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ArtSurf Productions.

ArtSurf Filming at Huntington Beach Art Center
Day One – Cameras Roll