CoolToys Season 2 – Hunting for CoolToys


Right now our crew is out hunting for the best CoolToys out there. What is a CoolToy?  A CoolToy is something your wife doesn’t want you to have and when you get one, your buddies start getting them too.

As weird as it is the First Chevy Volt was unique enough that when Scott got the first one, his buddies and the crew did too.  When the new and  improved version came out, and it arrived at Scott’s, not one person did the same.  The CoolToys cache had worn off and the Tesla 3 had arrived.

With the arrival of the Tesla 3, Scott was the one left out of the CoolToys Club, and even Chevy knew it was time to move on when they cancelled the Chevy Volt for 2020.

CoolToys actually started back in 2008 when Scott was running a couple of Home Theater Stores.  Customers would say “you have all the cool toys”.  Scott decided to make a blog out of it to help sell more home theater gear.  Eventually he started making videos and expanded the concept to include all of his CoolToys.  After all when you ski, surf, race cars and fly jets, you are bound to have a few CoolToys in the garage (or hanger or quiver)

When we started producing videos, it only made sense to start a web show called CoolToys.  No body wants to be a drone stamped out like a storm trooper.  At least we don’t and that is why we look for those things that just don’t fit the mold.  The funny part is Scott wanted to expand a little too far and go into financial advice too.  The first three episodes were called Tech-Tach-Dough.  That title died and we went back to CoolToys.

We have some contenders, and are looking for more.  Like any good show, we are also looking for sponsors.

Our 2016 CoolToys Jeep got an upgrade or two that might make the show, and we are now calling it the CoolToys Edition.  Custom hood decals and all.  We might just do one episode about all of the upgrades we did in one shot, because each item alone isn’t really a CoolToy.

For 2019, we got a new Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Sahara with every option we added from the factory.  The question is, like the Volt, will the new one fail as a CoolToy or did Jeep get it right?

So if you are out there and see something you think would be a CoolToy, ask yourself, “Would my wife let me have it, no questions?” and if the answer is “Nope, gotta hide it somewhere”, send it to us, you might have found a CoolToy.


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