CoolToys Season Two is now online

The first episode of CoolToys season two is now online at CoolToys.TV.  If you want to check out the quality of our production studio and staff, take a look at the latest video on CoolToys.

During season one, we used consumer grade equipment and the world of online video has gone pro and so have we.  Our cameras are now broadcast grade even if you are just shooting a web commercial.  The cost of the good stuff is a little higher, but we have kept our production costs flat for 2018

What that means for you is you get better quality videos to showcase your business without spending any more.

Make Your Video TV Quality With Us!

Canon XF100 TV Quality Video Camera
Canon XF100 Pro Video Camera

Do you want a TV quality Video?  Do you notice the difference on YouTube or with Home Made Videos?  Yes there is a difference.  The Broadcast industry uses a very high color standard, Rec 709.  In order to get video that looks like a TV show you need a camera that can do that.

At Paradise landing productions, we now have a complete three camera setup available of broadcast ready cameras.  If you want your online marketing videos to look truly professional, then you are at the right website.  True we don’t have a lot of information here, because there isn’t a lot to say.  Our parent company, BG.Marketing has been in the online marketing business longer than Google has existed.  You don’t last that long if you don’t know how to sell products for your customers.

If you need a full service company to write and create videos for you, BG.Marketing is the place to go.  If you want to rent gear, need a studio and think you have your material ready for prime time give us a call.  If you just want to have a video made for your product or about your product, consider putting it on BeachStreetNews.Com or CoolToys.TV.  Our shows about all the cool things out there.

In Studio XF205 Video Camera
XF 205 TV Video Camera

Great video with great audio can be the difference.  There is a reason people still watch TV.  TV quality Video is a step above the GoPro and Handycam videos out there.  Our team includes editors with over 15 years of broadcast TV experience, so we know how to edit, color correct and make you and your product look the best.

Even if you just want to create a video to sell your product on Amazon, don’t you want your video to be the best and standout from the rest?

If you want more information about getting a product on one of our online shows  (soon to be on cable), check out our information page.

CoolToys Season 2 – Hunting for CoolToys

Right now our crew is out hunting for the best CoolToys out there. What is a CoolToy?  A CoolToy is something your wife doesn’t want you to have and when you get one, your buddies start getting them too.

As weird as it is the First Chevy Volt was unique enough that when Scott got the first one, his buddies and the crew did too.  When the new and  improved version came out, and it arrived at Scott’s, not one person did the same.  The CoolToys cache had worn off and the Tesla 3 had arrived.

With the arrival of the Tesla 3, Scott was the one left out of the CoolToys Club, and even Chevy knew it was time to move on when they cancelled the Chevy Volt for 2020.

CoolToys actually started back in 2008 when Scott was running a couple of Home Theater Stores.  Customers would say “you have all the cool toys”.  Scott decided to make a blog out of it to help sell more home theater gear.  Eventually he started making videos and expanded the concept to include all of his CoolToys.  After all when you ski, surf, race cars and fly jets, you are bound to have a few CoolToys in the garage (or hanger or quiver)

When we started producing videos, it only made sense to start a web show called CoolToys.  No body wants to be a drone stamped out like a storm trooper.  At least we don’t and that is why we look for those things that just don’t fit the mold.  The funny part is Scott wanted to expand a little too far and go into financial advice too.  The first three episodes were called Tech-Tach-Dough.  That title died and we went back to CoolToys.

We have some contenders, and are looking for more.  Like any good show, we are also looking for sponsors.

Our 2016 CoolToys Jeep got an upgrade or two that might make the show, and we are now calling it the CoolToys Edition.  Custom hood decals and all.  We might just do one episode about all of the upgrades we did in one shot, because each item alone isn’t really a CoolToy.

For 2019, we got a new Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Sahara with every option we added from the factory.  The question is, like the Volt, will the new one fail as a CoolToy or did Jeep get it right?

So if you are out there and see something you think would be a CoolToy, ask yourself, “Would my wife let me have it, no questions?” and if the answer is “Nope, gotta hide it somewhere”, send it to us, you might have found a CoolToy.

Producing Your Show


Paradise Landing Productions has over 22 years of training and marketing creation.  Now a separate division of The Bourquin Group LLC, Paradise Landing Productions has it’s own creative and production team.  If you are interested in having us develop a production for you please contact us at

Paradise Landing Productions also is producing its own original content for our Web Channel and distribution.  If you are interested in supporting one of these projects via product placement, sponsorship or producer positions please see the notes below or contact us.

Additionally if you would like to submit products or services for review on our show Tech-Tach-Dough, please review the information below before calling or submitting.

Advertising and Product Submission

Paradise Landing Productions offers advertisement through in video ads and product placement positions on our shows, non-competitive infomercials and training videos.  Currently we are only accepting product placement for the show CoolToys.  If you are interested in product placement or sponsorship of our show please click the link below to download our information sheet.

Product submission information for review on our shows can be downloaded here.

In addition to product placement, Paradise Landing Productions is owned by BG.Marketing and can offer complete video services fro infomercial style customer training, internal training videos, broadcast ready commercials and voice over video work.  If you want the best in video to spread the word to customers or employees, we have a complete studio and editing team to get that done for you.

Recently we upgraded all of the cameras in studio to Broadcast grade video cameras.  This means that all of our videos now meet the color specifications and quality required for broadcast TV.  Have you ever watched those blurry videos with bad sound on cable.  We never did anything like that, but our competition sure did.  Don’t make your company or your product look bad.  Let us create videos that make you, your company and your product look the best it can.

It doesn’t matter if you have a product to sell on Amazon, Cable TV for direct sales or a service like Law Firms, emergency plumbers or dentists.  Don’t let your first impression on your potential customer be your last.

Even with our new camera gear, new studios and new editing bay, our rates for 2018 are the same as they have been since 2015.  We are investing to make your videos stand out from the crowd!

Thank you for considering Paradise Landing Productions for your video production needs!

TTD Product Placement Letter


If you are interested in sponsoring one of our shows, please email

CoolToys Sponsorship Information from BeachStreetNews on Vimeo.

Who Is PLP?

Paradise Landing Productions is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bourquin Group LLC.  After years of creating training, motivational and marketing content for our clients we realized we needed a dedicated production company that could also produce our own shows for the internet.

We currently have three shows in development and one in Production, #TecTacDoh