KühlToys Season 2 – Hunting for KühlToys

Right now our crew is out hunting for the best KühlToys out there. What is a KühlToy?  Simply put Kühl is german for Cool.  We didn’t think Cool Toys, was Cool enough and since we are always chasing the TruSpeed Motorsports Porches around, we decided the German’s clearly had KühlToys and the show was named.

It actually started back in 2009 when we were talking with some people about a set of wheels for my wife’s BMW.  The guys said you need “Kühl Wheels”.  They started a company in the bay area called “Kühl Wheels”, sadly it didn’t make it.   In 2010, business was a bit slow so the programmers in the office  programmers started making iPhone apps, we called them Kühl Apps.  The Facebook page is still up.

When we started producing videos, it only made sense to start a web show called Kühl Toys.  No body wants to be a drone stamped out like a storm trooper.  At least we don’t and that is why we look for those things that just don’t fit the mold.

We have some contenders, and are looking for more.  Like any good show, we are also looking for sponsors.

Our KühlToys Jeep got an upgrade or two that might make the show, and we are now calling it the KühlToys Edition.  Custom hood decals and all.  We might just do one episode about all of the upgrades we did in one shot, because each item alone isn’t really a KühlToy.

So if you are out there and see something you think would be a KühlToy, ask yourself, “Would my wife let me have it, no questions?” and if the answer is “Nope, gotta hide it somewhere”, send it to us, you might have found a KühlToy.