Make Your Video TV Quality With Us!

Canon XF100 TV Quality Video Camera
Canon XF100 Pro Video Camera

Do you want a TV quality Video?  Do you notice the difference on YouTube or with Home Made Videos?  Yes there is a difference.  The Broadcast industry uses a very high color standard, Rec 709.  In order to get video that looks like a TV show you need a camera that can do that.

At Paradise landing productions, we now have a complete three camera setup available of broadcast ready cameras.  If you want your online marketing videos to look truly professional, then you are at the right website.  True we don’t have a lot of information here, because there isn’t a lot to say.  Our parent company, BG.Marketing has been in the online marketing business longer than Google has existed.  You don’t last that long if you don’t know how to sell products for your customers.

If you need a full service company to write and create videos for you, BG.Marketing is the place to go.  If you want to rent gear, need a studio and think you have your material ready for prime time give us a call.  If you just want to have a video made for your product or about your product, consider putting it on BeachStreetNews.Com or CoolToys.TV.  Our shows about all the cool things out there.

In Studio XF205 Video Camera
XF 205 TV Video Camera

Great video with great audio can be the difference.  There is a reason people still watch TV.  TV quality Video is a step above the GoPro and Handycam videos out there.  Our team includes editors with over 15 years of broadcast TV experience, so we know how to edit, color correct and make you and your product look the best.

Even if you just want to create a video to sell your product on Amazon, don’t you want your video to be the best and standout from the rest?

If you want more information about getting a product on one of our online shows  (soon to be on cable), check out our information page.


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